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Laboratory Storage Shelves and Trolleys

Laboratory trolleys and storage shelves from Shelvings are tough, useful, and cost-effective storage and display options whether you are looking for a stationary or a mobile storage solution. Our comprehensive line of laboratory storage shelves, as well as laboratory trolleys, dividers, cages, stainless tables, perforated tables, and shelving posts, are recommended for labs, pharmaceutical facilities and other clean rooms. 


Sizes, materials such as chrome and stainless steel are available for all our laboratory storage solutions. Use our customisable laboratory trolley, 2-tier shelves, multi-purpose shelves, and more to keep bottles, tissues, and other items where they can be accessed quickly and are safe from damages and dirt. Our laboratory trolley shelves have height gaps that may be adjusted thanks to the removable shelf design so you can fit in tall or short objects on your desired layer. All our laboratory storage solutions are also designed for efficient cleaning. This way, cross contamination will be prevented inside the laboratory.

Upgrade your clean rooms with the best laboratory trolleys and storage shelves only from Shelvings. Contact us today for more information about our solutions.

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